Suffusion Version 4.0.0

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Finally, after about 3 weeks in beta and 1 more week in the approval process, Suffusion 4.0.0 is out.
A lot of things have changed at various places in the theme, and some of these changes are ground-breaking:
See Sayontan’s Post for Full Details.

I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in the beta testing of Suffusion 4.0.0, so have had some three weeks to get my head around all of the changes and have a play with most of the new functionality.

Yes, there are a lot of changes, but for any regular user of the theme, you will very soon realise what has moved where and what all the lovely new bells and whistles can do for you.

To any “Suffu-gin” (first timer), first thing to remember,.. DO NOT PANIC,

  • This is a lot more than just a theme,… it is a way of life,….
  • So be bold and give Suffusion 4.0.0 a try,…
  • You may well become a “Suffusionite” ( he who follows the Suffusion way)

I now have to get on and upgrade some 65 Suffusion sites, and make sure that everything works as well in the wild as it did during all of that testing. Once the dust has settled, and we know that things are stable, I look forward to some time to designing some new sites, using all of this lovely new functionality.

On a personal note to Sayontan,
Your work is inspiring and your dedication is unrivalled.
I feel privileged to be able to create using your genius.