Gandia Km Vertical 1:55:24

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km-vertical2014-4Gandia Km Vertical 1:55:24

The Kilometre Vertical race is an annual event in Gandia, starting on the outskirts of town and ending on the summit of Monduber – the highest mountain in the vicinity.  It has a special significance for me because it was my first competitive running race when I entered it a year ago, and opened up the delights of racing to me.  It therefore gave me a great deal of pleasure to enter it again this year – it was a chance to revisit the venue that triggered my enthusiasm and also to see how my performance had improved. Personal finishing time of 01:55:24 vs 02:42:18 (2013) an improvement of 46:54, position within category Veterans 128 (210) , 685 runners completed the course, position within field 417.

Organised by the Club Alpí of Gandia, the organisation and logistics were as smooth and efficient as they could be.  It gives the chance to running enthusiasts to take part in a demanding event, as well as allowing a large number of people to enter at the back of the pack as walkers, rather than runners, which lends a family atmosphere to the occasion. It was a perfect day for the race – bright, clear and no wind – and all the competitors gathered in the Beniopa district of the town for the 9.00am start.  This year the route had been altered slightly to minimise ‘bottlenecks’ that occurred last year during the ascent towards the summit, and also the runners left in three separate groups (according to anticipated running times) with a five minute gap between each group – again, this was in an effort to keep things moving, and it worked well.

After leaving along the dry riverbed of the Beniopa “barranco” the route runs for a total of 12kms up to the summit of Monduber, with refreshment points along the way at  6 and 9 kilometers.  Then, after finishing at the summit, competitors make a 4km descent down to the village of La Drova where there is the customary gathering of well-wishers, supporters and prize giving, as well as the final distribution of drinks and snacks, and commemorative “goodie bags”.

As always in this race, there is a great atmosphere of camaraderie amongst the competitors and it is always a genuinely enjoyable event.  Challenging and more physically demanding than other races because of the ascent, it is a very popular local and regional event, with a real feeling of celebration about the whole thing.  Personally, it was satisfying to see my time greatly improve this year to a finishing time of just over 1 hour 55 minutes and leave me with a sense of achievement and pleasure.  The “Kilometro Vertical” has rightly earned itself a place in the sporting calendar of annual Gandia events and many people will no doubt already be looking forward to next year’s race and planning strategies to improve personal performances yet again.
Full Race results

A look back at my races for the past year, a pattern of constant improvement,….long may it continue!!

Date Race Time Dist Elev Pace
2013-01-14 Quilòmetre Vertical Gandia, 2014 01:55:24 11.8km 978 10:18
2014-01-06 Volta a peu a Xeraco 01:14:37 15 04:58
2013-12-01 Mitja marató Samaruc d’Algemesi 01:53:19 21.1 05:22
2013-11-24 XXX Medio Maratón Internacional … 01:52:13 21.1 20 05:19
2013-11-17 10K Carrera Divina Pastora Valencia 00:50:40 10.0 05:04
2013-11-10 Mitja marató ciutat d’Alzira 01:52:39 21.1 05:20
2013-11-03 Mitja Marató ciutat de Gandia 01:56:22 21.1 05:30
2013-10-20 Medio Maratón Valencia Trinidad … 01:59:09 21.1 05:38
2013-08-17 Volta-Cross Barx 00:52:44 9.1 500 05:47
2013-08-03 Volta a peu a la pltaja de Tavernes … 00:45:20 8.0 05:40
2013-07-28 Volta a peu a Benifairo de la … 00:48:51 8.0 06:06
2013-07-25 Volta a peu a simat de la valldigna 00:39:23 7.0 05:37
2013-06-01 10Km nocturnos playa de Gandia 01:00:46 10.0 06:04
2013-01-13 Quilòmetre Vertical Gandia, … 02:42:18 11.8 978 13:45