Benirredra Road Race 9km 43:13

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9km Benirredra 44:059km Benirredra 43:13

Benirredra is really a part of Gandia on the western edge of town, although it does in fact have its own Town Hall and local delineation. Another thing that it also has is its own sports facilities and as a consequence of this, a 9km road race was held this morning around the streets of the locality and out into the adjacent orange groves.

Some children’s races were held before the main event, which then started at 11.30am on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. I had decided to maintain a reasonably rapid pace throughout the race, as at only 9kms I felt it should be well within my capabilities and I was reassured to find this was the case. After a slight incline towards the beginning of the race, we all carried on along what was generally a fairly flat and even route, looping back around the streets, passing the starting point again after 3kms.

After that, it was out through the orange groves, passing underneath the nearby trunk road, then back again towards Benirredra, winding through the streets before reaching the finishing point. I was pleased to complete the course in under my target time of 45 minutes – and almost wished I had pushed myself more during the course of the race as I felt I still had some reserves at the end!

Official time 0:43:49 – my race time 0:43:13, pace for the race over 9 kilometres = 4,52
Overall position in race 188 / 504
Category Veteran-B       21 / 81

In any case, it was a beautiful, perfect day for the race, and as ever in these events there was a wonderful atmosphere, with all the local people turning out to cheer their support of all the participants. The participants themselves were the usual mixture of dedicated sportspeople, club racers and individual competitors of different ages and abilities – all of which adds to the general friendly mood of the event. It is not the longest race by any stretch of the imagination and, although fully subscribed, is not the one with the largest number of entrants, but nevertheless it was a most enjoyable morning and definitely one to add to my schedule for the future.

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